movement coaching

Our movements tell us where to go

As a graduated dance and movement therapist and Life Coach I help people to find their inner motivation in life. I know better than anyone how dance and movement and a positive attitude help you stay healthy and fit. In order to live life with full conviction and to feel good.

What is movement coaching?

The movement coaching is result-oriented, in order to achieve what you really want and not lose sight of your own result. Through dance, movement and targeted exercises and challenging questions, I invite you to take action and really do what your heart tells you.


First we look at your request for help and need. This can be anything and nothing is ‘crazy’, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. From here we create the result you want to achieve and we look for the blockades that stop you. So you can do what you really want again! A safe atmosphere and positive approach are central during the coaching. You are central. You indicate at what pace we work, what you want to work on, what you feel most comfortable with, what you do / don’t tell.

It’s about YOU!

I will be there to support and guide you and ask the right questions. The answer and compassion are in you.
Combining the coaching with dance and movement creates the opportunity to not only talk, but also to move. One person is more comfortable talking (verbal communication) and the other with movement (non-verbal communication). Everything is possible and there is room for every request for help, every feeling, idea and movement. In this way there is plenty of room to be yourself and to work on yourself in a playful way.

For whom?

Movement coaching is accessible for everyone, young and old! Because we work with movement and there is no need to talk.

Added value

The added value of movement coaching is the combination of dance therapy and life coaching. The (movement) process takes place through your own efforts, the combination of verbal and non-verbal means and the focus on your result.


Results and experiences of others

  • ‘It’s nice not to have to talk’
  • ‘I really come back into my body’
  • ‘I feel free’
  • ‘I feel like a child again’
  • ‘We started working on my help question while playing’
  • ‘So much more fun’
  • ‘I am more confident’