‘L’U L’A’

June 11, 2022



‘L’U L’A’

Unité – Amour

‘L’U L’A’ is an African Contemporary dance performance about unity and rediscovering the connection with nature and others. Are we what we do and how we look like?

What if the body speaks…

  • Concept & Choreography: Simone Heijloo
  • Dance: Anna Valentini
  • Production: Simone Heijloo in collaboration with Meervaart theater, Amsterdam
  • Première: Saturday 11 June ‘22
  • Time: 20:30
  • Where: Meervaart theater, Meer en Vaart 300, 1068 LE, Amsterdam
  • TICKETS: https://www.meervaart.nl/theater/english/programma/details/2070?nocache

Anna Valentini (Italy)

Dancer in Carribean and Contemporary dances. She won the Italian National Championship in Carribean dances and graduated at The National Academy of Dance in Rome. Passionate, curious and energetic in her dance.

Simone Heijloo (the Netherlands)

Dancer, teacher, performer, choreographer and movement coach. Specialised in African Contemporary dance. A fierce and dynamic dancer.